Industrial Security Field Operations

The Mission of Industrial Security Field Operations (ISFO) is to provide security oversight of the National Industrial Security Program and minimize vulnerabilities in cleared industry.

Industrial Security Representatives, Information System Security Professionals, and Adjudicators support the agency's overarching mission by clearing industrial facilities, personnel, and associated information systems; providing oversight and guidance to cleared industry; and assessing the security posture of cleared industry.

The Vision of the ISFO is to serve as a "first responder" to Industry for industrial security matters, creating a partnership with our Industry stakeholders to continuously improve security of classified information in support of national security and the warfighter.

The Industrial Security Field Operations (ISFO) staff consists of the following headquarters components:

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For questions or comments regarding the contents of this site, please contact the Industrial Security Field Operations (ISFO) via the mailbox link below. For all other industrial security policy related questions, please contact your local DSS field office.