Facility Clearance Branch (FCB)

**Important Update (06/26/18)**

In the future, FCL sponsorship requests will be submitted using the National Industrial Security System (NISS). At this time, DSS has not identified a definitive date for this transition. Until the full transition to NISS occurs, sponsorship requests should continue to be submitted to DSS.FCB@mail.mil. DSS expects significant enhancements to the facility clearance process and timelines moving forward with the automated solution. If you have any questions or concerns related to NISS please review information and points of contact here. For all other FCL related questions please contact the FCB Knowledge Center at 1-888-282-7682 and select (Option 3) or email dss.fcb.knowledgecenter@mail.mil.

The Defense Security Service (DSS) Facility Clearance Branch (FCB) processes contractors for Facility Clearances (FCLs), issues FCLs, and monitors contractorsí continued eligibility in the NISP. Please submit all FCL requests to DSS.FCB@mail.mil.

Incomplete and inaccurate sponsorship packages will be rejected, which will create delays for obtaining the facility clearance. Please carefully read and follow ALL instructions to ensure your facility clearance request is processed as timely as possible. For all FCL-related questions, or status updates on your submission, contact the DSS Knowledge Center at 888-282-7682 and select option #3.

This site provides answers to frequently asked questions cleared contractors, U.S. Government Contracting Agencies, and U.S. Prime Contractors have regarding the FCL process. Reviewing this information will help you avoid many of the common errors that delay FCL packages.