Outgoing Classified Visits Process

DSS processes international outgoing visits for cleared U.S. contractors traveling to classified sites or attending classified meetings at the Collateral level. Unclassified meetings/unrestricted sites should be coordinated directly with the point of contact at the site to be visited. DSS only processes requests to non-U.S. locations, and does NOT process requests to U.S. Embassies, U.S. Military sites or U.S. Naval vessels docked overseas.

Download the appropriate visit request form for the country to be visited. DSS will only accept the forms located on our website. All other versions will be rejected. The security office should work with the traveler to complete the visit request form. The visit request must be signed by the Facility Security Officer (FSO) or Security Officer. The security office will submit the visit request via email to using a free DOD safe access file exchange service or fax to 571-305-6010. When using a safe access file exchange service, DO NOT SELECT “Encrypt email message when possible”, as our office will not be able to access the attachment. The DSS Request for Visit mailbox cannot open encrypted emails. Documents containing PII should never be sent via open email without securing the file.

Please note: Visits for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom must be submitted on the form specified by their country.