Implementation Procedures

A company operating under FOCI mitigation agreements (Voting Trust Agreement, Proxy Agreement, Special Security Agreement and Security Control Agreement) may be required to develop additional procedures to ensure their FOCI is effectively mitigated.

  • Affiliated Operations Plan (AOP) - Required by FOCI-mitigated companies when they enter into operational relationships with their Affiliates.
  • Technology Control Plan (TCP) - A facility specific requirement for FOCI-mitigated companies outlining how they will provide physical protection to classified and export controlled information.
  • Electronic Communications Plan (ECP) - A requirement for FOCI-mitigated companies to ensure effective oversight by the Government Security Committee of electronic communications and networks between the cleared company and its Affiliates.
  • Visitation Plan - A requirement for FOCI-mitigated companies to ensure visitation with the Affiliates are controlled as required by the FOCI mitigation agreement.
  • Facilities Location Plan (FLP) - Required when a FOCI-mitigated company is located within the proximity of an Affiliate that would reasonably inhibit the cleared company's ability to comply with the FOCI agreement.