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Industrial Security

DSS is an Agency in Transition

The world is rapidly changing and DSS is changing too. Where the agency once concentrated on schedule-driven National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) compliance, DSS is now moving to an intelligence-led, asset-focused, and threat-driven approach to industrial security oversight.

The need for change is clear. The United States is now facing the most significant foreign intelligence threat it has ever encountered. Adversaries are successfully attacking cleared industry at an unprecedented rate. They are using multiple avenues of attack, varying their methods, and adjusting their priorities based on the targeted information they need. As a result, they are upgrading their military capabilities and competing against our economy using the very same information they stole from cleared industry.

DSS has recognized this fact and is now moving forward in partnership with industry to design, develop, and pilot a multidimensional approach to industrial security oversight. Our goal is to help cleared industry ensure that contracted capabilities, technologies, and services are delivered uncompromised.


Voice of Industry Newsletters: DSS provides DiT updates in its monthly newsletter to industry. Links to current and archived copies of the newsletter reside on the “Industry Tools” page.


Protecting Critical Technology in Today’s Environment


Through DSS in Transition (DiT), some industry partners have undergone a Comprehensive Security Review (CSR), which employs the new methodology and results in a Tailored Security Plan (TSP). For those industry partners who have not yet undergone a CSR, there are actions you can take now to incorporate the new approach and enhance the protection of critical technologies.

By clicking through the tabs above the DiT process the graphic below, you will find information and resources to assist you with taking action. Starting with prioritization, you will be able to work through the process and develop an initial TSP. The goal is for you to take your limited security resources and put them where they are most needed.

Industry partners continue to play a vital role in critical technology protection. DSS seeks to assist you with this important activity, and we hope you find these resources useful. Upon completing an initial TSP, Industry partners are encouraged to share the plan with DSS for coordination and dialogue.

DiT Updates

July 2, 2019 – Resources Update

Added links to new TSP Template and updated multiple resource links


May 21, 2019 – Resources Update

Added resources to assist industry partners with independently conducting DiT activity, developing initial TSPs, and enhancing critical technology protection.


November 5, 2018 – Resources Update

Added link to DSS website page containing Voice of Industry newsletters


June 8, 2018 – Resources Update

Added link to DSS CI Countermeasures Matrix interactive tool