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FOIA and Privacy Office

Defense Security Service (DSS)
Office of FOIA and Privacy
27130 Telegraph Rd.
Quantico, VA 22134

Email and Telephone
For FOIA requesters seeking status updates and information about requests which were sent to the 27130 Telegraph Rd., Quantico, VA 22134 address, the initial point of contact can be reached by calling 571-305-6740 or emailing dss.quantico.dss-hq.mbx.foia@mail.mil. Requesters who wish to raise concerns about the service received from the DSS Office of FOIA and Privacy can contact the DSS FOIA Public Liaison by faxing their concern to 571-305-6931 or 571-305-6925 or emailing dss.quantico.dss-hq.mbx.foia@mail.mil. Please understand that the DSS Public Liaison can only address concerns about the service received from the Office of FOIA and Privacy, not the specific status of an individual's FOIA or Privacy Act request. Requesters seeking a clearance status, incident reports, or JPAS/ investigative records should first read our posted public notice on the FOIA/Privacy Act.