Reciprocity of Clearances

Subsection 2-200e of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) states that "The contractor shall not submit a request for a PCL to one agency if the applicant is cleared or is in process for a PCL by another agency."

"Whenever a prior investigation or personnel security determination of another agency of the Federal Government meets the investigative scope and standards of DoD 5200.2- R, such investigation or clearance may be accepted for the investigative or clearance purposes provided that the employment with the Federal Agency concerned has been continuous and there has been no break longer than 24 months since completion of the prior investigation, and further provided that inquiry with the Agency discloses no reason why the clearance should not be accepted. If it is determined that the prior investigation does not meet the provisions of this DoD 5200.2- R, supplemental investigation shall be requested."

To further reciprocity with respect to special access programs (SAPs), the Office of Management and Budget issued guidance to agency heads that permitted additional but not duplicative investigative or adjudicative requirements for SAPs, to include Sensitive Compartmented Information.

An investigation for SAP access will be considered current if it is no more than five years old (seven years old if a periodic reinvestigation was submitted prior to expiration of the investigation and is currently pending), regardless of the classification level.

If SAP access is for initial consideration, and the individual does not have current access eligibility determination at the same or higher classification level with the same agency, then additional investigative checks may be required.

If an individual has current SAP access, and has not submitted a certification of a prior security questionnaire or an updated SF 86C as required within the past year, then additional investigative checks may be required.