Personnel Security Management Office for Industry (PSMO-I)

PSMO-I supports the National Industrial Security Program pertaining to personnel security clearances to authorized requestors, i.e., DSS Regional offices, User Agencies, and contractors that have a facility security clearance.


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Please send your relevant documents (i.e., SF312s, etc.) to (571)305-6011 or If you have any questions, email the PSMO at

Data Quality Initiative 85299 - Overdue PRs result in downgrade (more)
On 1/22/2015, a Data Quality Initiative (DQI 85299) was run in coordination with USD(I), DSS and DMDC. After 30 days of non-compliance to the request for an investigation request, personnel that had an overdue periodic reinvestigation (PR) were downgraded to an eligibility level compliant with the scope of their last investigation. The previous eligibility may be recertified upon the successful submission of a PR. If any records were affected in error, please submit a "Research Eligibility" (RRU) in JPAS to the DoD CAF Industry division and we will promptly review the record for possible correction.

Complying with DNI Memo, "Strategy to Reduce the Periodic Reinvestigation Backlog Using a Risk-Based Approach" (more)
To complete the requirements identified in the Director of National Intelligence memo, "Strategy to Reduce the Periodic Reinvestigation Backlog Using a Risk-Based Approach," the Defense Manpower Data Center, the Defense Security Service and the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence created Data Quality Initiative (DQI) 838, which will downgrade INDUSTRY ONLY subjects with an overdue Periodic Reinvestigation (PR) who have not complied with official notifications. DQI 838 is scheduled to run in early January 2015.

In order to maintain in-scope eligibilities for subjects with Industry categories in JPAS, a PR must be submitted. Corresponding accesses will also be removed during these downgrades (DQI 597), and record archive rules will still be in effect. If you believe there was an error made, you may submit an RRU to DOD CAF Industry for possible correction.

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PSMO-I Releases Updated RRU Guidance

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Resumption of PSI-I processing

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