Security Assurances for Cleared Individuals and Facilities

Limited Access Authorizations (LAAs)for Non-U.S. Citizens

NATO Security Clearance Certificate (NSCC) Verifications for Foreign Nationals

Facility Security Clearance (FSC) Verification Requests to Foreign Governments

NATO Facility Security Clearance Certificate (FSCC) Requests from NATO Agencies

Limited Access Authorizations (LAAs) for Non-U.S. Citizens

Non-U.S. citizens do not qualify for a security clearance. However, if a non-U.S. citizen requires access to U.S. classified information and meets the requirements of paragraph 2-209 and 2-210 of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and Industrial Security Letter (ISL) 2006-02, a Limited Access Authorization (LAA) no higher than the Secret level, may be issued.

A signed Letter of Justification (LOJ) must be provided to DSS from the appropriate Government Contracting Activity (GCA) on their letterhead containing the following information:

  1. The individual's name, date and place of birth, position title, and current citizenship.
  2. A statement that a qualified U.S. citizen cannot be hired in sufficient time to meet the contractual requirements.
  3. A statement of the unusual expertise possessed by the applicant.
  4. A statement that access will be limited to a specific government contract (specify contract number).
  5. A list of the specific material to which access is proposed (delineate as precisely as possible and identify any other government contracting activity (GCA) that may have jurisdiction over any of the material, if applicable).
  6. A statement that the classified information to be accessed is releasable to the individual's country of citizenship (disclosure determination) or that an export license has been obtained.

Prior to submitting an application for an LAA, the contractor must obtain a written disclosure determination from a principal or a designated disclosure official or obtain a State Department approved export license. The LOJ must be sent to the DSS International Division along with proof of foreign citizenship (i.e. passport), copy of disclosure determination or export license, and foreign security assurance, if available. Please provide this information to DSS via email at

Upon notification from DSS that the LOJ has been approved, the FSO will initiate an SF-86. The SF-86 should be electronically submitted as a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) request for an LAA even though "Secret" is the highest level of access permitted.

In addition, if the Subject has lived outside the U.S. within the past ten years, separate security forms for applicable countries may need to be completed as well.

If no U.S. classified access is needed but the subject requires area access, the request must be electronically submitted on the SF-85P Form to the appropriate GCA.

The FSO shall notify DSS International Division if there are any changes to the Subjectís personnel security records, such as change in contract number, citizenship status, or any adverse information.

If you have any additional questions regarding LAAs, please contact the DSS International Division at
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NATO Security Clearance Certificate (NSCC) Verifications for Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals of NATO

Access to NATO classified information may be permitted for citizens of NATO member nations, provided a NATO security clearance certificate is provided by their government and they have been briefed. The NSCC must be provided to so it can be verified through government channels before subject may be granted access.

Reference: NISPOM 10-707. Access to NATO Classified Information by Foreign Nationals
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Facility Security Clearance (FSC) Verification Requests to Foreign Governments

There are circumstances when U.S. cleared industry, will require FSC verification for potential foreign subcontracting companies. This is typically the case for work performed within foreign countries.

To Request FSC verification for a foreign company, DSS requires that FSOs provide the following detailed information:

  1. Required Level of Facility Clearance
  2. Full Facility Name
  3. Full Facility Address
  4. Mailing address if different from above
  5. Security Contact Name
  6. Reason for the request (e.g. contract, sub-contract, program/project)

Also Note:

  • Some Foreign Governments require an FSC for the release of RESTRICTED Information.
  • All FSC Verifications need to be Re-Verified annually.

Please provide this information to DSS via email at
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NATO Facility Security Clearance Certificate (FSCC) Requests from NATO Agencies

A NATO Facility Security Clearance Certificate (FSCC) is required for the prime contractor to directly support a NATO agency. A NATO Agency must submit an official request to DSS. A U.S. facility qualifies for a NATO FSCC if it has an equivalent U.S. FCL and its personnel have been briefed on NATO procedures. DSS will issue the NATO FSCC to the appropriate NATO agency and notify the contractor.

DSS does not issue a NATO FSCC during the bidding process. Upon an official request from the NATO Agency, DSS will verify a U.S. facilityís clearance. (NISPOM 10-704) NATO Agency requests for NATO FSCCs pertaining to U.S. cleared facilities can be directed to
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