Facilities Location Plan

For FOCI mitigation purposes, collocation is a concern when a FOCI-mitigated company is located within the proximity of an affiliate, as defined within the FOCI mitigation agreement, which would reasonably inhibit the company's ability to comply with the FOCI agreement. Such scenarios may include being located in the same building, campus, or adjoined buildings with an Affiliate.

FOCI collocation is not authorized, and DSS will determine when a company is collocated in its sole discretion. When a company is located within close proximity to its foreign parent or an affiliate a Facilities Location Plan (FLP) must be approved by DSS in advance. Instances when DSS identifies a FOCI collocation without an approved FLP or previously approved DSS Collocation Plan may negatively impact the Security Rating. DSS developed a template FLP to assist Industry in requesting DSS review potential FOCI collocations.

For companies in process for a FOCI Mitigation Agreement, who are located closely with an Affiliate, a Facilities Location Plan must be submitted from the Senior Management Official to their DSS Industrial Security Representative.

Companies operating under a FOCI Mitigation Agreement, who plan to relocate to an area within close proximity to an Affiliate, must have a FLP approved by DSS in advance of relocation. The Government Security Committee is responsible for submitting a FLP to DSS.

Companies with previously approved Collocation Plans by DSS are not required to submit a new FLP. However, any substantive changes made to existing Collocation Plans will require resubmission of a FLP for DSS review and approval.

All FLPs should be submitted to the FOCI Operations Division via the dss.quantico.dss-hq.mbx.foci-hq@mail.mil mailbox. Please include in the subject line the company name, CAGE code, and FLP Submission.

Download the Word icon Facilities Location Plan Template.