Assessment and Evaluations (A&E) Division

Our Mission:
The A&E division’s mission is to support the Industrial Policy and Programs (IP) Directorate and all DSS elements with accurate NISP Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) data analysis, statistical reporting and certifying PSIs for payment. A&E performs due diligence on NISP contractors and monitors changes impacting retention of a facility clearance by NISP contractors.

National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Compliance Reporting and Business Integrity
• Assess and verify self-reported financial information in support of the NISP;
• Proactively monitor data and events pertinent to NISP reporting through continuous mining of commercial and government data sources.

NISP Cost Collection Survey
• Annually capture security costs incurred by contractor facilities in connection with implementation of the NISP and report results to the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) pursuant to 32 CFR, Subpart F, section 2001.61 (b) requirements.

NISP Personnel Security Investigations (PSI)
• Plan, program, budget for the PSI requirements of NISP contractors;
• Annually survey NISP contractors to estimate Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) requirements Monitor expenditures, provide analysis and oversight of PSI funding for cleared industry.