EEO Complaints Program

Protection from Discrimination

RESPECT, TEAMWORK and COMMUNITY are DSS values that guide how we as an organization carry out the DSS mission. DSS leadership is committed to the EEOC Model EEO Program guidelines by ensuring that the workplace is free from discrimination and harassment where daily interactions are characterized by respect , teamwork and professionalism. DSS continually endeavors to be a model employer for persons with disabilities.

DSS has promulgated several policies that affirm leadership commitment to a discrimination and harassment free working environment as well as the desire that equal employment opportunity complaints are resolved through the good faith efforts of all parties.

As a federal agency, DSS is also required to promote and support the statutes enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Federal employees are protected from discrimination or harassment due to race, color,religion, gender, national origin, disability , age and reprisal for having opposed a prohibited equal employment opportunity action or participating in the equal employment complaint process. Further information can be obtained on the Equal Employment Opportunity website.

Executive Order 13087 extended protection from discrimination because of sexual orientation for federal employees.

Executive Order 13152 extended protection from discrimination because of parental status.

Informal Complaint Process Forms

Formal Complaint Process Forms