Investigation of EEO Complaints

All EEO investigations of the accepted issues in an EEO complaint are conducted (for a fee) by the Investigations and Resolutions Division. The EEO Specialist handles all coordination of this effort. The Agency has the burden to insure that all investigations are completed with 180 days from the date of filing of the formal complaint.

After the initial request to the Investigations and Resolutions Division to conduct an investigation, the Investigations and Resolutions Division will assign a case number and an investigator to the case. The investigator will generally request that the Agency provide the Investigations and Resolutions Division with various documents relative to the EEO issues. Most often, submission of the documents is requested with very short suspense dates and thus Agency personnel are often tasked with expediting relies to these requests.

The investigator will the coordinate with the EEO Specialist dates and times for the conduct of interviewing the complainant and Agency management officials. The testimony from these interviews is often reduced to sworn statements. Interviewees should be certain to retain a copy of any sworn statement. Of course, always be truthful with the investigator. All interviewees should conduct some preparation prior to their meeting with the investigator:

Once the investigation is completed, the Investigations and Resolutions Division will provide a written Report of Investigation (ROI). A copy of the ROI will be disseminated to the complainant, together with a letter which explains the next step in the EEO process.