Electronic Facility Clearance System (e-FCL)

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As of January 19, 2010, all companies in process for a facility clearance or reporting a changed condition will be required to use the DSS Electronic Facility Clearance (e-FCL) online application to submit their documents to DSS. The web-based e-FCL application, designed around the SF 328, "Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests," requires companies to upload and submit their required information into the system. This information includes: the SF 328, list of key management personnel, list of stockholders, articles, bylaws, and other supporting documentation. In addition, companies currently operating under a FOCI mitigation agreement must use e-FCL for annual certification processing.

The DSS Facility Clearance Branch registers all companies in process for a new facility clearance for an e-FCL account. The account is issued to the company's Facility Security Officer. If you do not have an account and are an existing cleared facility which requires one for reporting a changed condition or annual certification, please contact your Industrial Security Representative who can register you for an account.


(05/24/2016) Insider Threat Senior Official
The Key Management Personnel section within the e-FCL Submission site has been updated to accommodate the submission of the Insider Threat Program Senior Official. The KMP list now has a checkbox labeled "Is Insider Threat?" This checkbox has a help icon with mouse-over text to provide further guidance. Only one KMP entry can have the "Is ITPSO" column checked, just as only one entry can be the FSO. When printing the KMP list, the text "(ITPSO)" will be appended to the KMP's name in the first column. If that person is also the FSO, the appended text will be changed to "(FSO, ITPSO)".

Insider Threat Program Senior Official

(12/08/15) PSI Data Collection — The Defense Security Service (DSS) is responsible for projecting Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) requirements each year. Annual projections, acquired by DSS from Industry through PSI data collection are a key component in DoD program planning and budgeting for National Industrial Security Program (NISP) security clearances. As part of this data collection, each facility in the NISP provides estimates of their PSI requirements for the next three years by type of investigation (initial/ reinvestigation Top Secret, initial/ reinvestigation Secret/Confidential).

As in years past, the annual data collection of PSI projection requirements will be conducted in the spring. Effective 2016, data collection will be conducted through the Electronic Facility Clearance System (e-FCL). In preparation for this upcoming data collection, please ensure that your e-FCL login (your email address) and password are current. Password resets can be completed on the e-FCL login page.

If your facility is not registered in e-FCL, DSS will establish an account for you. A completed e-FCL package is not required to participate in the data collection; only an established account is necessary to input the PSI requirements.

Additional instructions and information regarding the PSI data collection will be forthcoming prior to deployment. If you have any questions, please contact PSIprogram@dss.mil.

(08/15/15) Attention e-FCL users: On September 25, 2015, the Electronic Facility Clearance (e-FCL) System will be modified to eliminate the Key Management Personnel (KMP) package option on the e-FCL Submission Site for Contractors. Contractors are still required to report all changes to KMPs via e-FCL. However, effective September 25, 2015, these changes must be completed under the Changed Condition Package. KMP packages that are in process on or before September 25, 2015 will continue to be processed. However, the KMP package option will no longer be able to be chosen as a new option after that time.

Previously determined KMP packages will remain in the system as archived packages.

(07/01/13) Attention e-FCL users: As of July 1, 2013, e-FCL Submission Site users will no longer be required to print, sign and upload the KMP List. However, system users must continue to complete the electronic KMP form for required KMPs. Users may also print the list at their discretion but should note that the upload feature will no longer be functional.

For companies who uploaded KMP forms prior to June 30, 2013, the uploaded form will still appear under the KMP tab, but will not appear in the "Forms in Force" section of their account.

(10/20/10) e-FCL Excluded Parent Processing: Effective Nov. 1, 2010, U.S. Excluded Parents (XP) will be registered for Electronic Facility Clearance (e-FCL) accounts, except in companies which are in process for or operating under the following FOCI mitigation agreements: Special Security Agreement, Proxy Agreement or Voting Trust Agreement.

For in-process companies:

DSS Facilities Clearance Division (FCD) is responsible for registering all U.S. XPs for companies that are in process for a facility clearance. Upon registration, the designated e-FCL administrator (typically the Facility Security Officer (FSO)) will receive an email from the e-FCL system with login and password information. The XP is to complete an initial package for submission to DSS. If there are multiple XPs in the chain of ownership, the highest U.S. XP in the chain is responsible for submitting a consolidated Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interest (SF-328) for all uncleared entities above the cleared facility. Intermediate U.S. XPs will also be registered for e-FCL accounts, but are not required to complete an SF-328.

The SF-328 can be bypassed by clicking on the "your organization is a branch/division or your tier parent is submitting a consolidated SF328" button on the SF-328 tab within the system.

For companies that are currently cleared:

e-FCL accounts are not required for U.S. XPs unless there is a changed condition to report. e-FCL account registration for cleared companies will be completed by the cognizant Industrial Security Representative (ISR). If an XP has previously posted their documentation under the highest cleared entity in the chain, the XP should be registered for an e-FCL account once there is a need to report a changed condition.

For more information regarding XP processing in e-FCL, please contact your local Industrial Security Representative.

(04/07/10) Attention Facilities under User Agency cognizance: Effective April 5, 2010, all contractors designated as Facilities under User Agency (UA) cognizance will be able to submit their initial information and changed conditions via the Electronic Facility Clearance (e-FCL) system. If a facility under UA cognizance does not have an e-FCL account, they should contact the DSS Facility Clearance Branch for e-FCL registration at: . When requesting an e-FCL account, please provide company name, CAGE code, point of contact and telephone number as well as the cognizant UA. First time submissions in e-FCL require the completion of an initial package, to include a Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interest (SF-328), the Installation Commander's Sponsorship Letter and supporting documentation.