Targeting U.S. Technologies

Executive Summary

Methods of Operations

Once DSS recognizes the region of origin and collector affiliation, it is important to understand how the suspicious entity attempts to collect the restricted information. From identification and analysis of Methods of Operation (MO), or modus operandi, DSS identifies the most prevalent collection techniques and indicators, and recommends countermeasures for the cleared defense industry to negate the MO's effectiveness.

In FY06-FY07, the top four collection MOs represented over 70 percent of all foreign collection attempts:


Sustaining the top position, "RFI" dropped 12 percent from FY04-FY05, while "Suspicious Internet Activity" increased by five percent. As in FY04-FY05, "RFI" and "Attempted Acquisition of Controlled Technology" continued to remain the top two MOs during this time period.

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