Targeting U.S. Technologies

Executive Summary

Cyber Trends

In recognition of an increasingly pervasive threat, this report includes a section specific to the use of cyberspace as a collection medium. Of the cyber incidents defense industry reported to DSS, the reports detailed entities targeting controlled unclassified information on unclassified industry networks; however, DSS is concerned that the lack of reporting detailing attacks against classified networks may lead to a false sense of security. The defense industry should continue to take precautions to secure both their classified and unclassified networks.

In FY06-FY07, DSS observed 52 percent of reportable incidents involving attempts to intrude or "hack" into the defense industrial base's computer systems or networks originated from East Asia and the Pacific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Despite having IP addresses specific to identifiable regions, DSS analysts categorize 96 percent of all affiliations within a collector's region as being of "Unknown" affiliation. These affiliations remain difficult to ascertain because of the nature of the IP addresses (e.g. governmental, academic, private, etc.), and because users likely mask or conceal their true identities through anonymous proxies. In FY06-FY07, cyber entities appeared most interested in targeting "Information Systems" technology, and their preferred method of operation was "Attempted Intrusion" with 61 percent of all reported cyber incidents falling into this category.

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