Targeting U.S. Technologies

Executive Summary

Collector Affiliations

DSS analyzes each SCR to determine the collector's affiliation and ascertain which foreign entity is targeting U.S. technology. For example, a SCR classified as "Government" means the suspicious activity is affiliated with or acting on behalf of a foreign government or agency. Other collector affiliations include "Commercial," "Individual," and "Government Associated" entities. In FY06-FY07, DSS assessed "Commercial" entities as the top collectors of U.S. technology. This represented a five percent increase during fiscal years 2004 and 2005 (FY04-FY05), resulting in "Commercial" entities replacing "Government Associated" entities as the top collector entity affiliation category. This significant increase is likely the result of foreign entities seeking to privatize research and development in an effort to shift the focus from collection efforts emanating from or being associated with governmental entities.

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