Targeting U.S. Technologies
Executive Summary


DSS analyzes foreign interest in United States defense technology in terms of the 20 categories detailed in the Developing Science and Technologies List (DSTL). Identification of technologies that suspicious elements are targeting for acquisition is a critical analytic objective. Understanding collection priorities allows the cleared defense industry to establish appropriately focused security countermeasures to help prevent or mitigate the loss of technology and classified information.

DSS analysis of FY08 SCRs indicated the following technologies, listed in descending order of foreign entity interest, represented probable collection priorities:

Targeted Technologies

This listing is generally consistent with previous years' assessments. In FY08, suspicious entities continued to target information systems technology most frequently, as they had in FY07. The remaining technical categories retained their relative positions in the hierarchy, but interest in aeronautic technology saw the largest increase, owing primarily to growing interest in the acquisition of information and technologies identifiable with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).



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