Targeting U.S. Technologies
Executive Summary


Once DSS identifies the requestor's region of origin, as well as the collector's probable affiliation, DSS assesses the methods of operation (MOs) that the suspicious entity employs to acquire information or technology. Analysis of MOs assists CDC personnel in recognizing suspicious entity attempts to acquire sensitive defense-related information and aids in the application of appropriate countermeasures to mitigate or negate effectiveness.

In FY08, the top four collection MOs were used in 80 percent of all foreign collection attempts. The MOs suspicious entities most frequently utilized were, in descending order of occurrence:

Methods of Operation

Exploitation of direct requests continued to be the most common technique that foreign entities used in attempting to acquire information in FY08. Of note, suspicious Internet activity was second only to direct request as a technique of choice, emphasizing the growing significance of that MO to facilitate foreign collection of defense-related information and technology.



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