Targeting U.S. Technologies
Executive Summary


DSS analyzes each SCR to determine the collector’s affiliation in an attempt to ascertain which foreign entity is targeting United States technology. The examples below describe a sampling of collectors resident within a region of origin:

  • Government: Ministry of Defense, foreign military attachés, or branches of the military

  • Government Affiliated: Research institutes, laboratories, government-funded universities, or contractors representing a government agency

  • Commercial: Businesses in the commercial and defense sectors

  • Individual: Persons seeking financial gain, persons avoiding traditional export procedures, or persons purportedly seeking academic or research information

As in FY07, commercial entities represented the top collectors of United States technology, outstripping government affiliated entities as the most frequently observed collector category. While affected by the explosive growth of the worldwide marketplace and the ease with which commercial entities make inquiries through the Internet, the growing preeminence of commercial collectors is likely attributable, at least in part, to a conscious effort on the part of foreign governments to mask interest using commercial surrogates to obtain information designed to enhance a specific regions’ technical or economic competitive posture. The collector affiliations suspicious entities most frequently used are represented in the figure below:

Collector Affiliations

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