Targeting U.S. Technologies
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Targeting U.S. Technologies:
A Trend Analysis of Reporting from Defense Industry

United States defense-related technologies and information are under attack: each day, every hour, and from multiple sources. The attack is pervasive, relentless, and unfortunately, at times successful. As a result, the United States' technical lead, competitive edge, and strategic military advantage are at risk; and our national security interests could be compromised. Defeating this attack requires knowledge of the threat and diligence on the part of all personnel charged with protecting classified information, to deter or neutralize its effect.

The Defense Security Service (DSS) works with defense industry to protect critical technologies and information. Defense contractors with access to classified material are required to identify and report suspicious contacts and potential collection attempts as mandated in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). DSS publishes this annual report based on an analysis of suspicious contact reports (SCRs) that DSS considers indicative of efforts to target defense-related information.

Security officials, cleared defense contractors, intelligence professionals, and Department of Defense policy and decision makers can use information in this publication to assess the technology collection threat and develop and implement appropriate measures to mitigate its effect. DSS analysts examine information obtained from SCRs to identify the most frequently targeted technologies, assess the most common collection methods, explore possible motivations and affiliations of those attempting the collection, and identify the locations where these collection threats originate. If we are to be relevant and effective in defeating this threat, it is incumbent upon cleared defense contractors to report all incidents indicative of targeting. It is our hope that the information and analysis in this report will inform and encourage such reporting.

DSS encourages all Facility Security Officers to use the information in this report to supplement security awareness and education programs at their facilities. In addition to increasing threat awareness within the industrial base, robust training efforts contribute to additional SCRs and further contribute to the integrity of this analytical product. Timely submission of SCRs to DSS field offices is critical to an effective industrial security program.

This document would not be possible without the strong support of Facility Security Officers within the United States cleared defense industry. DSS thanks the employees and companies of the United States cleared defense industry for their continued support of the NISPOM and their contributions to this annual publication.

Kathleen M. Watson

Defense Security Service

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