Counterintelligence Training Materials

Classified threat information concerning cyber threats is available by contacting your local DSS Industrial Security Field Office.

  • Thwarting the Enemy: Providing Counterintelligence and Threat Awareness to the Defense Industrial Base
    DSS developed threat awareness web-based training for employees working at cleared contractor facilities. This WBT course will allow employees to complete the training at any time. The goal of the training is to make employees aware of potential threats directed against U.S. technology. It also explains common suspicious activities which should be reported to the Facility Security Officer in compliance with NISPOM 1-302.
  • Co-opting Former Employees: Who Do They Work for?
    This short article provides reasons why foreign entities may view former employees of U.S. cleared facilities as being excellent prospects for collection operations (DSS CI).
  • Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures
    As more US contractor facilities are becoming involved with foreign entities, the Defense Security Service (DSS) has noticed many of these companies are reporting counterintelligence (CI)-related incidents involving foreign visitors and joint ventures and research...
  • Security Countermeasures: The Final Step in Risk Management
    This brief article categorizes security countermeasures and explains that such measures have costs associated with them that can be measured in terms of dollars, inconvenience, time or personnel (DSS CI).

  • Foreign Visits: What Is Inappropriate?
    This brief article describes how visiting foreign scientists and engineers can engage in a variety of inappropriate conduct as a modus operandi for foreign collection activity (DSS CI).
  • Front Companies: Who Is the End User?
    This short article discusses that front companies can present a serious problem to the U.S. Government and the defense industry because they can potentially be used to circumvent export restrictions and embargoes (DSS CI).
  • What Are We Protecting?
    This short article helps to identify general types of assets a U.S. company should endeavor to protect and assists one in thinking about asset vulnerabilities and the allocation of security countermeasures (DSS CI).

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