ODAA Process Manual Implementation and DSS Security Plan Template Release

On May 15, 2014, the updated ODAA Process Guide and System Security Plan (SSP) Templates will become effective for industry use.

Industry Information Systems Security Managers (ISSM) use the Process Guide as a desk reference and "how to" guide during completion of the many complex tasks associated with obtaining DSS accreditations for information systems.

The updated ODAA system security plan templates utilize a dynamic Portable Document Format (PDF) design to make documenting system security configurations easier and more complete. The templates serve as a simplified, easy-to-use structure for ISSMs to follow when documenting security configurations and special procedures applicable to their information systems.

The Process Guide used in conjunction with the SSP Templates guide the ISSM through the requirements for obtaining accreditation for information systems ranging from a simple desktop computer to a complex wide area network (WAN) spanning the country. The resulting documentation is the government's official record of a system's configuration and the procedural requirements that users of the system are required to follow.

Both the ODAA Process Guide and SSP Templates represent a significant collaborative effort between DSS and our industry partners.