Attention ISFD Users:


How to avoid Upside-Down Question Marks (") (UDQM) Using MS-WORD.

I. The following WORD autoformat features will cause upside-down question marks when cut-and-pasted into ISFD fields and then saved:

  1. Smart (“curly”) quotes.
  2. Smart (‘curly’) apostrophes
  3. Smart (facilities – new ) dashes
  4. Bulleted lists
  5. Special characters not on a PC keyboard:

    Examples: Ö,ę, any foreign letter (─,Ó), graphic characters (+) or other special character. Any unusual character that you need to use the WORD Symbol menu will likely cause a UDQM. Unfortunately, that may include some rather common symbols, such as the copyright ę which actually shows copyright┬ę or the trademark, which shows as Ô┐ó.

  6. Any of these characters double or triple in number and will include other characters (the above for copyright shows copyright├┐┬ę?) when the page is saved again. Thus the problem grows quickly.

  7. NOTE: When you cut/copy and paste, the characters in ISFD will look correct. It is only after you save the page that the UDQM and associated error characters will appear.

II. To avoid them:

  1. Do not use bulleted lists. Either use numbered lists or use a character from the keyboard to define each line.
  2. Change options for automatic formatting:

    a. On the MS-WORD toolbar File Options Proofing choose both -Autocorrect and  Autoformat As You Type
    b. Uncheck straight quotes with smart quotes
    c. Uncheck hyphen with dash
    d. Uncheck bulleted lists

  3. The following paragraph was successfully updated:

    a. Uncheck straight quotes with smart quotes
    b. Uncheck hyphen with dash
    c. Uncheck bulleted lists

The following paragraph was successfully updated:

This "test" paragraph - with Word's 'autoformat' options modified - was saved in ISFD "Actions" with:

  1. No smart quotes
  2. No smart apostrophes
  3. No smart dashes
  4. Numbered List, not bulleted

No UDQMs (¿) generated (except this one!)

NOTE: Although we describe this problem as UDQM (upside-down question marks), we now see a multitude of UDQMs that manifest themselves as capital A with a tilde (├) or with a circumflex (├) or small a with a circumflex along with UDQMs.