New Derivative Classification Refresher Course

CDSE is pleased to announce the release of the "Derivative Classification Refresher Course" (IF109.16).  This 45 minute eLearning course is designed to meet the requirement for government and industry personnel who perform derivative classification duties to refresh their training in the discipline.  This course is required once every two years as outlined in Executive Order 13526, DoD Manual 5200.01, Vol. 3, DoD Information Security Program, and DoD 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).  Students will be able to refresh their knowledge regarding the responsibilities and general principles associated with derivatively classifying information.  This includes avoidance of over-classification, principles of derivative classification, classification prohibitions and limitations, classification levels, security classification guidance, identification and markings, information sharing, duration of classification, classification challengers, and security incidents and sanctions.

Register today at  As a reminder, students must also register for, and successfully pass, the accompanying Derivative Classification Refresher Exam (IF109.06).  The exam is required to complete the course and receive a certificate of completion.