Vulnerability Assessment Rating Matrix Update Announced

Over the past six months DSS has worked between field personnel and industry partners to update the Vulnerability Assessment Rating Matrix, incorporating best practices and feedback to further refine a more transparent, consistent, subjective process. DSS is proud to announce that on Sept. 1, 2013, an update to the Rating Matrix will be implemented. Until that date the current Rating Matrix process will continue to be utilized.

The core document covering the process update is below. It outlines the assessment process, vulnerability definitions, and enhancement categories.

This update is designed to build upon the success of the current implementation and instead of 'reinventing the wheel' the aim is to further add clarity, drive consistency, and encourage more robust security programs. You will note a handful of modifications such as:

If you have any questions regarding the update to the process, please see the Rating Matrix FAQ page here, or feel free to reach out to your local Industrial Security Representative or send an email to this address: