Suspension of TS PRs for Industry

Due to a funding shortfall in the FY13 Personnel Security Investigations for Industry (PSI-I) Program budget, the Defense Security Service will suspend the submission of most Top Secret Periodic Reinvestigations (PRs) for cleared industry personnel to the Office of Personnel Management effective June 14, 2013 through September 30, 2013. Requests for initial personnel security clearances and Secret PRs are not affected by the suspension.

The following types of Top Secret PRs are exempt from suspension and will continue to be processed:

Facility security officers must certify the need for the Top Secret PR and record the type of exception in the “Special Handling Instructions” in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System.

Note: If the submission was stopped or rejected in error please submit an RRU request to DSS. Start the request off with ATTN: PSMO-I.