There are five directorates that support the mission and vision of DSS, also known as the operational elements, which are:

Industrial Security Field Operations

ISFO consists of: Industrial Security Representatives (ISR) as well as Information Security System Professionals (ISSP). ISRs at DSS are the primary interface between the U.S. Government and industry, and interact with their industry counterparts on a daily basis. They provide oversight, advice, and assistance, ultimately determining the ability of those companies to protect classified information. As an ISSP, you will be challenged to stay current with the latest technological developments in information security, and will be exposed to advanced technologies, playing a major role in identifying potential threats and intrusions on Information Technology systems by our adversaries.

Industrial Security Integration & Application

Industrial Security Integration & Application (IP) provides headquarters support to the field operations and cleared industry in the areas of industrial and personnel security policy, mitigation of Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI), implementation of FOCI countermeasures, and administration of international programs. FOCI professionals work with experts in security, finance, business structures, and governance identifying, recording, and analyzing foreign investment in U.S. companies performing classified work. IP also coordinates with senior members of foreign, civilian and military organizations, who represent more than 65 foreign governments that are signatories of Bilateral Security Agreements, for the timely and secure international movement of both U.S. and foreign classified information.


The mission of the Counterintelligence Directorate is to identify unlawful penetrators of cleared U.S. defense industry and articulate the threat for industry and U.S. government leaders. With that mission in mind, the CI Directorate's premier publication, "Targeting U.S. Technologies: A Trend Analysis of Reporting from Defense Industry," analyzes suspicious contact reports (SCRs) from across the DIB describing suspicious foreign activity targeting U.S. personnel, technologies, and export-controlled products.

Center for Development of Security Excellence

The Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) provides security education and training to security professionals throughout the Intelligence Community. The CDSE provides classroom and web-based training and is committed to providing and developing state-of-the-art training to the Department of Defense that can be accessed anytime or anywhere.

Defense Vetting Directorate

The Defense Vetting Directorate (DVD) is a newly established directorate of the Defense Security Service (DSS). The DVD will integrate the National Background investigations Bureau (NBIB) and the DoD Consolidated Adjudication Facility (DoD CAF) into the DSS as directed by legislative and presidential directives. The DVD will establish a holistic end-to-end personnel vetting enterprise by re-aligning existing DSS vetting functions in conjunction with the transfer of NBIB and the DoD CAF.