Acronyms and Abbreviations

DSS & Related Programs

BRAC – Base Realignment and Closure
CA - Collaborative Adjudication
CDSE - Center for Development of Security Excellence
CI – Counterintelligence
CFO – Chief Financial Officer
CIO – Chief Information Officer
CLO – Clearance Liaison Office
COO – Clearance Oversight Office
DCII – Defense Central Index of Investigations
DISCO – Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISS – Defense Information System for Security
DSSA - Defense Security Service Academy
EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity
FOCI – Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence
GC – General Counsel
IA - Information Assurance
IG – Inspector General
ISP – Industrial Security Program
JSTC - Joint Security Training Consortium
NISP - National Industrial Security Program
NISPOM - National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
ODAA – Office of Designated Approving Authority
O&M - Operation & Management (Fund)
PSC – Personnel Security Clearance Office
SMO – Strategic Management Office
STEPP - Security Training, Education and Professionalization Portal

Security-Related Systems & Terms

ANACI - Access National Agency Check w/Inquiry (5 years/inquiry)
BI - Background Investigation (5 years)
CAF - Central Adjudication Facility
CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection
DISCO - Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
EPSQ - Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire
JPAS - Joint Personnel Adjudication System
LBI - Limited Background Investigation (3 years)
MBI - Minimum Background Investigation (5 years/inquiry)
NACI - National Agency Check w/Inquity (5 years/inquiry)
NACLC - National Agency Check with Law and Credit
PSI - Personnel Security Investigations
RTP - Research and Technology Protection
SAC - Special Agreement Check
SAP - Special Access Program
SSBI - Single Scope Background Investigation (7 years)
SSBI-PR - Reinvestigation for Single Scope (5 years)
TS-PRs - Top Secret Periodic Reinvestigations (aka, SSBI-PR)