Acronyms and Abbreviations

Glossary Definitions, Acronyms & Abbreviations for Security Professionals
Glossary definitions and acronyms
PDF 234 pages. 4.1 MB. August 2009.
This document is acomprehensive list of definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations broken down by letter for easy reference and searching.

DSS & Related Programs

BRAC – Base Realignment and Closure
CA - Collaborative Adjudication
CDSE - Center for Development of Security Excellence
CI – Counterintelligence
CFO – Chief Financial Officer
CIO – Chief Information Officer
CLO – Clearance Liaison Office
COO – Clearance Oversight Office
DCII – Defense Central Index of Investigations
DISCO – Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISS – Defense Information System for Security
DSSA - Defense Security Service Academy
EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity
FOCI – Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence
GC – General Counsel
IA - Information Assurance
IG – Inspector General
ISP – Industrial Security Program
JSTC - Joint Security Training Consortium
NISP - National Industrial Security Program
NISPOM - National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
ODAA – Office of Designated Approving Authority
O&M - Operation & Management (Fund)
PSC – Personnel Security Clearance Office
SMO – Strategic Management Office
STEPP - Security Training, Education and Professionalization Portal

Security-Related Systems & Terms

ANACI - Access National Agency Check w/Inquiry (5 years/inquiry)
BI - Background Investigation (5 years)
CAF - Central Adjudication Facility
CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection
DISCO - Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
EPSQ - Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire
JPAS - Joint Personnel Adjudication System
LBI - Limited Background Investigation (3 years)
MBI - Minimum Background Investigation (5 years/inquiry)
NACI - National Agency Check w/Inquity (5 years/inquiry)
NACLC - National Agency Check with Law and Credit
PSI - Personnel Security Investigations
RTP - Research and Technology Protection
SAC - Special Agreement Check
SAP - Special Access Program
SSBI - Single Scope Background Investigation (7 years)
SSBI-PR - Reinvestigation for Single Scope (5 years)
TS-PRs - Top Secret Periodic Reinvestigations (aka, SSBI-PR)